Restoring Norfolk's Forgotten Chalk Stream

Join us in working towards solutions that will transform this rare but abused chalk stream into an asset for the people of King's Lynn and West Norfolk

A local chalk stream of global significance

Did you know that the Gaywood River is one of only 224 chalk streams in the world?

Unfortunately, like so many others, the river faces some huge difficulties from mostly man-made problems including pollution and over abstraction – issues that are pushing chalk streams, their aquifers and the ecosystems that surround them to breaking point. 

The Gaywood represents our past, our present and our future. Having provided drinking water and shaped settlements since Roman times, we must remember that it isn’t just a resource for us to do with as we please. It’s a unique piece of living history that’s being slowly choked to death

Howeverby using science to assess and design workable solutions, we can implement changes that the river desperately needs and set it on a course back to health and of real value for the people and wildlife of West Norfolk.


Our Mission

What a difference between the source of the river and when it reaches King's Lynn, just nine miles later.

We are focused on promoting public and political awareness to deliver a strategic plan and change in policies that restores the Gaywood and protects it for future generations. To do this we need to ensure we align with all relevant stakeholders to ensure their issues are addressed. The river’s restoration is not only key to the flora and fauna it serves, but also for our wellbeing and cultural history.

Latest news

Sewage release data goes live

Anglian water today published their new on-line map showing, in near real time, the status of each of their “storm overflow” outlets from the sewage system. The map links

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The big issues

Flood "prevention"

Land use

Abstraction plant at Flitcham



access cover leaking sewage


Documentary film

This 15-minute film is a love letter to a dear old friend who has fallen on hard times. It’s also for the people of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk who deserve better of the “other” river that runs right through their town.


April 23 UPDATE

There is now a 7-minute update to the film which you’ll find here on YouTube 

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The Gaywood needs your help

More of us are becoming aware of how badly the river has been mistreated.
We'd love to have you volunteer your time and skills to help bring about the changes that are so desperately needed.
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