Your eyes and ears can help protect and revive the river

The Gaywood at Derby Fen is just beautiful, as it could be right down into Lynn

As a small team, one area where we are stretched is monitoring the river. A couple of us live near the river which is handy for keeping an eye on super-local issues but we’re often unaware of issues until either we spot them or until someone lets us know about them.

At this stage the river really needs eyes and ears on the ground, a supporters network who are on the lookout for events and issues affecting the river so we can use our influence to get them addressed as quickly as possible.

Would you be able to join the growing band of river supporters who are paying particular attention to the state of the river day-to-day?

Pop your details into the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be in touch.

How we can work together to help the Gaywood River

Our response to a serious pollution incident associated with the heavy rain this winter was compromised when we couldn’t get to all parts of the river to assess the damage in a very short time frame.

While we hope that the number of events will reduce, there may well be occasions such as a recent one, where oil was allowed to run into the river, when real time observations along its course would have been particularly useful to us and the Environment Agency in assessing and reducing the damage.

It would be brilliant if you could also add your name to the GRR observer response team. Ideally we’ll be able to cover most of the river’s course with (fairly) local observers. This is purely an observation role, the information you gather is an incredibly powerful tool for us.

Spread the word

Finally, we need local people to help draw attention to the plight and potential of the Gaywood River which, within living memory ran clean and clear right into Lynn and supplied the town’s drinking water. It’s also important that we capture the memories of people who remember the river before the damage was done – if you have fond memories and/or photographs of the river or if you know anyone who has, we’d love to hear from you.

It could, and should, again, be clean, clear and home to some wonderful aquatic life. A real recreational asset for our town.

Thank you for joining us in that perfectly reasonable demand.

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